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New site? Custom work? Backlog? Huh?

Lots of you have written us asking about custom gauges for Jeep JKs. the bottom line, we have a waiting list now, and are swamped. This is partially due to the successes of our hard parts (the Jeep XJ and TJ 4x4 linkage kits) and partial building the business, in some ways literally. 

Our new website is coming. Including a dealer network. We have a large following on other sales sites, mainly Ebay and Amazon, the latter requiring us to create large shipments of parts every week or so in order to keep in demand products on the shelf. Staff is slim, as Azzy handles 90% of the day to day, with some help from friends and family. Nick is concentrating on his career writing for and The Firearm Blog  but still comes by the shop now and again.

Our new office is habited, but far from finished. Not bad for 5 years... all in all. 

Stay tuned as we bring more cool designs, and a few other new products. If we get the chance...  more videos. 


Azzy's Design Works LTD has licensed Moon Shine Camo patterns!

It is our pleasure to introduce our new premium camo license! Not too long ago, at a Jeep show in PA, we met up with the good reps from Moon Shine Camo. We got to talking, one thing led to another, and we are pleased to announce that from here on out, Moon Shine premium camouflage, including Outshine©, Harvest Moon©, Muddy Girl©, Wild Fire©, Toxic©, and Undertow©, will be available options for our personalized gauge faces!

Muddy Girl© on a TeamADW Jeep Wrangler JK gauge set

All of these patterns will be available to any gauge backer for an additional $10. If we hit our stretch goal, then they will be available at no extra cost. Check them out on kickstarter.


Moon Shine Camo is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Muddy Girl is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Wildfire is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Harvest Moon Camouflage is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Outshine Camouflage is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Toxic is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP
Undertow is a registered trademark owned by Moon Shine LP

What the hell are these glowing Jeep art pieces?

When our design studio first discussed raising money for new pricey equipment via Kickstarter, the caffeinated late night discussions went through tons of the typical, and not so typical backing rewards. 

Post cards, light bars, our own products, well, that last one wasn’t so crazy. People have been asking for 07 and up Wrangler gauge faces forever. But I still wanted something big, a grand ambition project. So, why not take our existing model kits which we made using Autodesk’s brilliant 123DMake and our own in house Full Spectrum laser, and kick it up a notch. 

Not a bad looking Cherokee, if we say so ourselves. 

Or 10. 

So, we thought we would make one of these, probably in a JK, waterjet at our local Techshop in Pittsburgh, out of aluminum sheets. Not a cheap proposal, and estimates were high. So, we priced it at what would at least break us even, and suddenly we hit Kickstarter’s limit of $10,000. Thats some Dubai money right there. 

Yeah, not a lot of people are interested (there are a few). So, we came up with an idea to size it down after chatting with our friends at JPFreek Magazine

That’s why we are introducing the 1/4 scale art piece, wood and acrylic pieces, alternating, and lit. your choice of Wrangler JK, Cherokee XJ, or Comanche MJ. Just like these much smaller concept pieces. Available now on Kickstarter, for the much friendlier cost of 1800. Still a lot, but not bad for a 2'x4' lit homage to a few of our favorite models of Jeep. 

And yes, if you will pay the freight, we will even ship to Dubai. 

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Wow, been some time, hasn't it?

Its late, lots of paperwork has been done, and I feel it is owed to those that follow us to update on what has been going on here at Azzy's Design Works. Whats new over the last few months?

  • We still make the only custom Jeep back lit gauges on the market.  And the best non-lit ones (looking at you, XJ guys).
  • We have really really cool camo prototypes in for our new JK / JKU line. Just cant show them due to licensing agreements, yet.
  • The kickstarter campaign is coming soon. Preview will be up in the week. 
  • We are expanding. Which, frankly, is a bit terrifying. When I started this shop in 2012, it was fully occasional, printing on my boss's plotter, buying material, and cutting by hand. Hundreds of gauges later, we are buying expensive equipment, and expanding our product line. Not to mention making a huge step towards being my 9-5. 
  • We no longer make decals. Sorry, we loved it, and we made the best for the best price. But, with the move to our equipment being 100% in house, we just dont have the large format printing capabilities. 
  • On that note.. we make everything on our own equipment now!  Its all made here in Finleyville PA. Dont blink, you will miss the stoplight.
  • And yes, those that have asked... I am feeling a lot better. Repetitive strain injuries are no joke.  If anyone needs advice on them, Im not a doctor, but been dealing on and off for 8 years. Its getting better, thanks to some great procedures and a FANTASTIC physical therapy  team.  

More announcements coming soon. The biggest one right now? We are now a SEMA member. 

Yep :)

Never thought I would be here. And that's thanks to all of you who follow us, like our work, buy our gauges, and continue to morally support us (I think you industry guys know who you are, and really, thank you. )


More things coming! Its a busy year.

things to watch for on our site and facebook page:

  • Working on a Siberian Road Rally with the Baker Street Babes?
  • Nick and Azzy finalizing production runs on JK clusters?
  • More gun engraving?
  • Piles of stickers and a new printer?

Yep, we had to get a new printer recently, and may be working on rebuiling the old one so it comes home to our Finleyville shop. Stay tuned!

Few Webste Updates

Not posting as much as we should. We've updated and streamlined our store listings, and lowered the cost of shipping (goes down for us, goes down for you!).  We have added friends,  look for some work between us and and the crew at Otaku Drive Time.

Those that follow us on FB know that we raised money last year for a local charity, Project Bundle Up , and were recently told by their awesome staff that all of you helped purchase 13 full outfits for kids and seniors to keep warm in this brutal PA winter. Kudos to all of the Jeep community, it wouldn't be possible without your help.

Keep a look out for our new T-Shirts coming soon, as well as our kickstarter campaign which is right around the corner. That means not only will we have ZJ and WJ Jeep gauges available, we will have JK gauges this summer!

Etsy Shop

We've opened a shop on Etsy, as an outlet for our engraved items. Its somewhat a departure from our main design, but helps us to not only keep the doors open, but ad a creative "palate cleanser" that one needs here and there. Its a family affair too, because many of the designs and ideas come from interaction and gifts that we do for friends and relatives.

Happy shopping!  Until the end of the year, use the following code to save 10% off your order.


Share and share alike

Lots of our stuff is not too complicated, nor is it a secret on how we put it all together. We've been posting smaller / personal projects to Instructables, and will be adding more as we go along, to include our Cherokee XJ gauge instructions, as well as the pool ball shifters.

On that note, we finally got that adapter in, and have mods to try before we can put one on an AW4 transmission.

Amist chaos and progress, time flies...

A shout out to our friends under siege in NY

A shout out to our friends under siege in NY

But somehow, never seems to move as fast as you thought it did. We've mostly moved into he new shop, and have been plugging away at lots of projects coming in, while working at calibrating the new equipment and getting material samples for engraving and cutting.

Part of what makes that so difficult is that we are working with materials for firearms, and it is not cheap to just start cutting into a S&W M&P frame.  

Our patterns and jigs for laser cutting gagues is being worked on at the moment too. Cut by laser is much more efficient for all of our gauges because of the thickness of the materials involved. Knife based cutters do OK for small runs, but because of our insistence on using the best materials for all of our work, it gets tough to do a larger order or run for a club or distributor.

Speaking of which, we are working hard with suppliers to keep material costs down, so our prices do not raise, but there may be an increase coming this summer. We will do what we can to keep things affordable, and think that even at an increased price, ADW gauges are the best in the business, hands down.

Oh noes! A ghost gun clip in 30 caliber!

Oh noes! A ghost gun clip in 30 caliber!

Look for more photos on our facebook page as we get going with the laser. Once we are good, we will be taking orders for engraving and for custom cut products, big and small.

Welcome aboard!

ADW logo

We want to welcome aboard our new VP, Nicolas Chen.  Nick has been in the scene of modding vehicles for a long time, and is a fellow firearms aficionado, and brings a lot of great ideas to ADW.  He's also a much more accomplished and skilled photographer than Azzy, so better product photos will follow. 

Look for an expanded product line as we move forward this year!


Finally, the new site is live. The new store is live, and less confusing than the old one. We still have a few options to add to it, but all of our gauge kits and shift ball kits are listed ready to go.

We have some new announcements coming this week, a new workshop, and some cool new equipment. Stay tuned!

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