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2017 Jeep -Mas Ornaments
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Due to incredible demand, we ran out of many of our styles and have only a few left from our 2nd run listed on Amazon. Look back here soon for not only a breakdown of the popularity, but how much we raised as we total all of the sales. Thank you for all your support this season!
— Bryan, Azzy's Design Works
 Nick Chen (TeamADW) - Erin Ehrlich (Project Bundle Up) - Bryan "Azzy" Spiegel (TeamADW)

Nick Chen (TeamADW) - Erin Ehrlich (Project Bundle Up) - Bryan "Azzy" Spiegel (TeamADW)

UWhen we started back in 2012, TeamADW we looked to do fundraising for the holiday season, and felt most strongly about children's charities. In the past, we have contributed to Toys for Tots, Operation Underground Railroad, Child's Play, and the Ride for Kids.  In 2014, we looked local, as we have seen the great work and heard from so many in our own community about the good work that Joe DeNardo started with Project Bundle Up.  Its a perfect fit. For those that don't know,  PBU is a effort that takes children (and seniors) in need on shopping trips to buy full cold weather outfits, head to toe. Lots of smiling faces, lots of love. 

In 2015, we were able to raise 1,376 dollars, which comes out to almost 20 full outfits that you all helped pay for. This year, we would like to break that record, and do more. When we heard that the current director is a Jeeper too, well, it should not be a hard bar to set. 

How? You can purchase one or a set of our iconic Jeep-mas ornaments, a set, or arrange for your club to get a batch done up (20 or more) . 


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