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"Freedom From Rust" Stainless XJ / TJ 4x4 Linkage


"Freedom From Rust" Stainless XJ / TJ 4x4 Linkage


Yeah, its a bit overboard. The only ones that see them? Just the guys and gals across the US that help us make all the parts, us here at TeamADW assembling them, you  when you get them in your hands, and whoever is installing them. Just a simple reminder of where they are made. 

Our kits are hand assembled and fulfilled from our Pennsylvania shop. Due to popularity, they may take 1-2 business days to get out the door. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Tired of your hard to adjust rube goldberg contraption that never seems to let you put your Jeep in 4L?  Does you Jeep pop out of 4H when you flex too  much? Our kit is bolt on, and simple yet effective. Junk the old "Z" linkage, remove the lever from your transfer case, and install. Adjust, test, and go hit the trail. This is everything to replace the crummy factory operation. NO WELDING REQUIRED!


Tested to fit Cherokee XJ AW4, AX15, & NP231 and NP242 combos.  Limited reports of use in ZJ Grand Cherokees.

TJ kit tested on AW4, AX15, NP242 and NP231 combos, as well as later versions for 2005-06. Body lift (and combined transfer case drop) over 1.5" may require additional fitment or fabrication.  Let us know if you have used it on another combination!  

Stainless steel printed plates, all stainless steel hardware, and premium FK rod ends in zinc plated steel with stainless races and bearing surface. 

All hardware sourced from US suppliers and manufacturers.  




this hardware is for use by experienced mechanics only. We take no responsibility for the modification of your vehicle by your hands or those of a 3rd party. Please don't do anything stupid and get hurt with our products, we like our customers!


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