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No Step On Snek Jeep Gauge kits - XJ, TJ, and, JK

JK Snek gauge sample.JPG
016 Gadsden Snek.JPG
JK Snek gauge sample.JPG
016 Gadsden Snek.JPG

No Step On Snek Jeep Gauge kits - XJ, TJ, and, JK

from 24.00

This is a pre-order! KIts and full artwork will not be made up until we have a certain number of orders for each setup. If we do not reach this number of kits by August 10th, those orders will be refunded. If we reach beforehand, emails will go out with art and timetable for printing.

5 orders JKU - 8 orders 97+ XJ / TJ - 88-96 XJ (currently on sale and shipping)

Features: Parody graphics of our yellow DTOM faces, but with everyone’s favoirte simplified meme version… Da Skek. All kits will feature smart ass quips for warning lights and gauges (see the XJ one in the photos).

JK / JKU version : 2007-2013 is typically Type A, 2014-17 typically Type B.

If you have other panels that you wish to have match and have us directly print on, contact us for a quote. We can directly apply the color and pattern to many surfaces with our process. It will involve shipping to our shop.  
Check out our live install at the 2017 SEMA show with JC Whitney

Install demo video can be found here.  

View our troubleshooting clinic archive here.

  • 97+ XJ / TJ come with switch panel and appropriate AC panels.

  • Due to XJ and TJ cluster internal lighting and plastic, you may see artifacting behind graphics at night. We recommend experimenting with LED placement to minimize.

  • TeamADW installation possible if you are local to the shop.

  • Accessory panel printing, as it is textured, can be damaged by solvents and scratched. We do a double cure on it before it leaves the shop, however, in this case, we are shipping a print with the actual print side out to the user, unlike our standard accessory panels. We recommend plastic safe cleaners like Novus. No Alcohol based cleaners!

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