Azzy's Design Works

Industry's best custom white face and backlit gauges  for Jeeps and show cars.
 Specialty vehicle parts and design. The name says it all. Our design works

Now with 100% more kickstart!

Soon we launch our Kickstarter campaign (you can see a preview here) which will pave the way for us to enlarge the shop, get some new equipment, and help share our work with more of the Jeep world.

  • Yes, we will be keeping our current gauge sets, however, once the new equipment is in, we will be updating our process. 
  • The JK / JKU gauges will be available only through Kickstarter. Once the backers have their in hand, we will be selling them on our store. They will also be available through a few distribution outlets, so look for those announcements later. 
    We really are up to the challenge of making a 1/2 scale jeep in the same style as the Stackem Model Kit.  Its going to look really cool. 

    When will we be launching? SOON! Cant be soon enough, we have been waiting to get this off the ground for some time. So spread the word, tag us in your social media as #TeamADW and spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign. 

    PS, great news! The 2015 Holiday fundraiser for Project Bundle Up has already passed 2014's $690 mark. We are just shy of $1K, with a few more weeks to go! 


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