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 Specialty vehicle parts and design. The name says it all. Our design works

New site? Custom work? Backlog? Huh?

Lots of you have written us asking about custom gauges for Jeep JKs. the bottom line, we have a waiting list now, and are swamped. This is partially due to the successes of our hard parts (the Jeep XJ and TJ 4x4 linkage kits) and partial building the business, in some ways literally. 

Our new website is coming. Including a dealer network. We have a large following on other sales sites, mainly Ebay and Amazon, the latter requiring us to create large shipments of parts every week or so in order to keep in demand products on the shelf. Staff is slim, as Azzy handles 90% of the day to day, with some help from friends and family. Nick is concentrating on his career writing for and The Firearm Blog  but still comes by the shop now and again.

Our new office is habited, but far from finished. Not bad for 5 years... all in all. 

Stay tuned as we bring more cool designs, and a few other new products. If we get the chance...  more videos. 


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