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Shift linkages, Grand Cherokee ZJ / WJ... will it fit?

Modification = addition of a hole midway allows for install into a Grand Cherokee

We get that question a lot. Will the Cherokee XJ 4x4 linkage fit my ZJ? Short answer, no.  But, surprisingly, the TJ linkage will! Check the vid below, on BleepinJeep's "Project Cheap Jeep", he was able to get one of our TJ link kits to work with the NP231 swap. 

According to Matt, it took the drilling of a 3/8" hole about 1" down from the attachment point. This makes the shift points in the cab not line up with the bezel on the floor, but makes it shift firmly and securely. 


We wanted to make an addendum to this after seeing photos on facebook. We do not know how to make this work 100% with a factory ZJ 242 case. What you see here is our kit in place, and working, on a 231 that was swapped into the ZJ. If you do have a 242, expect there to be more modification needed with the upper arm. Our TJ kit is designed for use with a TJ or YJ, the ZJ/231 fitment is a happy accident. 

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