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1st ADW Jeep of the ________

Hi there followers of the wild and crazy ride we call TeamADW / Azzy's Design Works!  One of the goals we have had for some time is to start showcasing customer builds. Not just the big boys, you all have seen those time and time again. We are talking the  daily drivers and weekend warriors, mall crawlers and serious trail rigs that feature ADW gauges, linkages, and apparel.  How often will we feature these? All depends on you!  Email us with your Jeep's specs, future upgrades, and favorite trails. We will hit you up for photos of your Jeep, along with photos of ADW gear in action! 

JP Jeep JK

And now for the main event...  The Jeep of the _______!

This month, we would like to present Jean Smeets and his 2015 JK. Jean hails from NJ, and is the catalyst behind our lineup of Jurassic Park themed gauge kits. 

As you can see, Jean has a tasteful set of mods to this 2 door Wrangler, with some exterior graphics, winch bumper, movie correct light bar, and more aggressive shoes for those beadlock wheels. 

Not to mention the very first set of our super popular JK Jurassic Park style gauges, featuring a lit T-rex and a hidden velociraptor with a shiny eye. 

Easter eggs galore!

Easter eggs galore!

When we asked Jean what his plans were for the Jeep, he just told us "To complete this Jeep’s prehistoric off-road ability, I will be adding rock rails, skids, lockers, and a dual battery so that there is no jam this Wrangler can’t get out of . . . like say outrunning a Tyrannosaurus."

Rock on man!  Thanks for the great pictures, we look forward to seeing this Jeep out on the trail!

If you would like the chance to be features as the "Jeep of the  _____" email us here, and we will contact you for photos and consideration. Don't forget to hit the Like and Share buttons below.

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