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Few Webste Updates

Not posting as much as we should. We've updated and streamlined our store listings, and lowered the cost of shipping (goes down for us, goes down for you!).  We have added friends,  look for some work between us and and the crew at Otaku Drive Time.

Those that follow us on FB know that we raised money last year for a local charity, Project Bundle Up , and were recently told by their awesome staff that all of you helped purchase 13 full outfits for kids and seniors to keep warm in this brutal PA winter. Kudos to all of the Jeep community, it wouldn't be possible without your help.

Keep a look out for our new T-Shirts coming soon, as well as our kickstarter campaign which is right around the corner. That means not only will we have ZJ and WJ Jeep gauges available, we will have JK gauges this summer!

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