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What the hell are these glowing Jeep art pieces?

When our design studio first discussed raising money for new pricey equipment via Kickstarter, the caffeinated late night discussions went through tons of the typical, and not so typical backing rewards. 

Post cards, light bars, our own products, well, that last one wasn’t so crazy. People have been asking for 07 and up Wrangler gauge faces forever. But I still wanted something big, a grand ambition project. So, why not take our existing model kits which we made using Autodesk’s brilliant 123DMake and our own in house Full Spectrum laser, and kick it up a notch. 

Not a bad looking Cherokee, if we say so ourselves. 

Or 10. 

So, we thought we would make one of these, probably in a JK, waterjet at our local Techshop in Pittsburgh, out of aluminum sheets. Not a cheap proposal, and estimates were high. So, we priced it at what would at least break us even, and suddenly we hit Kickstarter’s limit of $10,000. Thats some Dubai money right there. 

Yeah, not a lot of people are interested (there are a few). So, we came up with an idea to size it down after chatting with our friends at JPFreek Magazine

That’s why we are introducing the 1/4 scale art piece, wood and acrylic pieces, alternating, and lit. your choice of Wrangler JK, Cherokee XJ, or Comanche MJ. Just like these much smaller concept pieces. Available now on Kickstarter, for the much friendlier cost of 1800. Still a lot, but not bad for a 2'x4' lit homage to a few of our favorite models of Jeep. 

And yes, if you will pay the freight, we will even ship to Dubai. 

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