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Wow, been some time, hasn't it?

Its late, lots of paperwork has been done, and I feel it is owed to those that follow us to update on what has been going on here at Azzy's Design Works. Whats new over the last few months?

  • We still make the only custom Jeep back lit gauges on the market.  And the best non-lit ones (looking at you, XJ guys).
  • We have really really cool camo prototypes in for our new JK / JKU line. Just cant show them due to licensing agreements, yet.
  • The kickstarter campaign is coming soon. Preview will be up in the week. 
  • We are expanding. Which, frankly, is a bit terrifying. When I started this shop in 2012, it was fully occasional, printing on my boss's plotter, buying material, and cutting by hand. Hundreds of gauges later, we are buying expensive equipment, and expanding our product line. Not to mention making a huge step towards being my 9-5. 
  • We no longer make decals. Sorry, we loved it, and we made the best for the best price. But, with the move to our equipment being 100% in house, we just dont have the large format printing capabilities. 
  • On that note.. we make everything on our own equipment now!  Its all made here in Finleyville PA. Dont blink, you will miss the stoplight.
  • And yes, those that have asked... I am feeling a lot better. Repetitive strain injuries are no joke.  If anyone needs advice on them, Im not a doctor, but been dealing on and off for 8 years. Its getting better, thanks to some great procedures and a FANTASTIC physical therapy  team.  

More announcements coming soon. The biggest one right now? We are now a SEMA member. 

Yep :)

Never thought I would be here. And that's thanks to all of you who follow us, like our work, buy our gauges, and continue to morally support us (I think you industry guys know who you are, and really, thank you. )


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