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Where did we go? Did my order go through? Why aren't you answering your phone?

Back! Sorta.

A couple weeks ago, on our family vacation, both my wife and the official shop munchkin came down with a nasty strain of flu, had them both cooking along with super high fevers for a week.

Somehow, I thought that bullet was dodged, but turned out, nope, my turns was this week for me to fight that bug. Hell of a fight too... thanks to medical science and the care of Heather, Im somewhat up and run...crawling again.

I'll be going through orders this weekend as I can, and getting those filled in a timely manner. Going to try and put some better responses and systems in place so this lack of communication doesn't happen again.

Also, this means getting our gear into more shops, so less of us selling directly, and less chances for these delays.

Thanks for the understanding and patience. Phone calls (and new videos) will probably wait until I regain a voice that doesn't sound like Golum from LotR.


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