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Where are the JK gauges?

Testing for light blocking and correct fades in night lighting, First test with working 2008 JK base model cluster.

Well, they are listed in the shop. you can get a look at them and see the combinations available. We have about 1 day of work left tweaking the backlighting, and then converting and setting up all of the colors for the Rally style. Then, we make one of each possible combo, so they can be photographed and listed in the store properly.

The Moon Shine Camo versions need to be approved by the good folks at Moon Shine, so we have a few weeks still for their blessing, on all of our gague layouts (TJ and XJ includ

Last but not least, we are waiting on material. We have settled in on a good quality material for these to be made on. This material is set to be delivered soon. Enough for around 10,000 JK gauges! 

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