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Lots of our stuff is not too complicated, nor is it a secret on how we put it all together. We've been posting smaller / personal projects to Instructables, and will be adding more as we go along, to include our Cherokee XJ gauge instructions, as well as the pool ball shifters.

On that note, we finally got that adapter in, and have mods to try before we can put one on an AW4 transmission.

Amist chaos and progress, time flies...

A shout out to our friends under siege in NY

A shout out to our friends under siege in NY

But somehow, never seems to move as fast as you thought it did. We've mostly moved into he new shop, and have been plugging away at lots of projects coming in, while working at calibrating the new equipment and getting material samples for engraving and cutting.

Part of what makes that so difficult is that we are working with materials for firearms, and it is not cheap to just start cutting into a S&W M&P frame.  

Our patterns and jigs for laser cutting gagues is being worked on at the moment too. Cut by laser is much more efficient for all of our gauges because of the thickness of the materials involved. Knife based cutters do OK for small runs, but because of our insistence on using the best materials for all of our work, it gets tough to do a larger order or run for a club or distributor.

Speaking of which, we are working hard with suppliers to keep material costs down, so our prices do not raise, but there may be an increase coming this summer. We will do what we can to keep things affordable, and think that even at an increased price, ADW gauges are the best in the business, hands down.

Oh noes! A ghost gun clip in 30 caliber!

Oh noes! A ghost gun clip in 30 caliber!

Look for more photos on our facebook page as we get going with the laser. Once we are good, we will be taking orders for engraving and for custom cut products, big and small.

Welcome aboard!

ADW logo

We want to welcome aboard our new VP, Nicolas Chen.  Nick has been in the scene of modding vehicles for a long time, and is a fellow firearms aficionado, and brings a lot of great ideas to ADW.  He's also a much more accomplished and skilled photographer than Azzy, so better product photos will follow. 

Look for an expanded product line as we move forward this year!


Finally, the new site is live. The new store is live, and less confusing than the old one. We still have a few options to add to it, but all of our gauge kits and shift ball kits are listed ready to go.

We have some new announcements coming this week, a new workshop, and some cool new equipment. Stay tuned!

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