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Industry's best custom white face and backlit gauges  for Jeeps and show cars.
 Specialty vehicle parts and design. The name says it all. Our design works

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What is Azzy's Design Works?

We have often been frustrated that the only option for many of the inexpensive customizations out there for vehicles are flimsy objects made in a questionable facilityand then sold on eBay. They are usually just not worth the time and trouble, offering a mediocre look, and poor functionality.

We know. We’ve been there, and have the pile of crummy Chinese made parts to prove it.

Its why we started off with such a simple thing as our Cherokee XJ gauge cluster inserts.  The stock clusters look dated and are fading fast, and most offerings arebasic and made of paper or sticker stock, andthat we just thought were not up to par for the situation. So, when we can't find something we like, we make it. And then others ask for one… and all the sudden you got an online store and a few thousand hits in your local forums, a friend helps with a logo... that's how Azzy's Design Works got started.

There is always something out there that is not just right, and we believe we have the vision to help you make your project perfect. Be it something that improves the aesthetics of the dash, a custom shifter handle, or a re-engineered replacement for that Rube Goldberg shifter mechanism that Jeep made all those years ago, we’ve got an idea on how to make it better.

Bottom line: we wouldn’t put it on our own vehicles, or display it in our office or workshop, so it wont be out there with our name on it. And it doesn't end with just Jeeps. If its got wheels or a motor, we like it. Being a full design and prototyping shop, lots of projects come our way, and when we can, we will share them with you. 

Design, Function, Value. We will strive in all of our products to hit those marks every time.

If you have a project, a product idea, or just want a cool set of gauges, shoot us an email, we will be happy to work with you to make your vision a reality.

(Azzys Design Works LTD is a technical design corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Azzys Design Works LTD is not affiliated with Fiat Chrysler Group LLC, Jeep or any other companies whose products or part numbers are shown here as a reference. These terms are used for descriptive purposes only, and not to denote affiliation or connection with Fiat Chrysler Group LLC or Jeep The Azzy’s Design Works Logo is a registered trademark of Azzys Design Works LTD)


Who is the Team ADW?

2012 at Southington Offroad in Ohio

2012 at Southington Offroad in Ohio

Bryan "Azzy" Spiegel, President and founder of Azzy's Design Works, is a designer, inventor, and all round tinkerer.  Drawing on a 16 year background of graphic and product design. (You've probably seen his work in VA Hospitals around the country, as well as in the Library of Congress), he extended his passion for tinkering to a 96 Jeep Cherokee XJ, and that led one thing to another... and Azzy"s Design Works was born!

Current crop of vehicles:  01 4WD Cherokee XJ, 06 Ram 1500, BMW R1100GS motorcycle, and stewardship of a restored 1980 Honda CM400A.

Welding in the garage..

Welding in the garage..

Russ “Prof Rust” Mary is a teacher, photographer, designer, and life long American Motors enthusiast. When he isn’t designing custom gauges or in the classroom, he can be found tinkering and building his 78 GMC service truck. He brings a passion for typefaces and great layouts that is a perfect fit at TeamADW.

Current crop of vehicles: 02 Ram 1500, 06 Jeep Sahara 4 door JKU, 06 Acura TL.


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