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Industry's best custom white face and backlit gauges  for Jeeps and show cars.
 Specialty vehicle parts and design. The name says it all. Our design works

Custom gauges are what we started with, for older Jeep XJs, to be precise. Because we knew we could do better thank what was out in the market. Later, we were challenged to make functional sets for 97-01 Cherokees, and TJ Wranglers, and then JK/U wranglers. Each time, we hit the mark, expanding to new models and new makes as we grow. Are you looking for your own style TeamADW gauges? Fill out the inquiry form below.

Bespoke gauges made for RPM Extreme and their LS motor swap kits for Jeep (JK) Wranglers

New Orleans Saints themed gauges for a fan's Jeep JKU, featuring football texturing and team colors.

McLaren P1 tribute gauges for the runaway hit JCR ‘Manche at SEMA 2018 (Photo from JP Freek Magazine)

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Due to increased demand, we cannot guarantee rush timeframe, but can work with you. Give us an idea of your deadlines
If we have a pattern you want altered, let us know. Most single layer modifications can be completed quickly and at a reasonable premium to the standard pattern.
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So you need boost sensors displays, air fuel ratio meters, etc, integrated into the factory cluster?

     Azzy's Design Works is the premier name in custom, low number gauge faces and modifications for your Jeep. Need one for a special one off show vehicle? Need 10 for your line of customized vehicles? Need 100 for your dealership?  We can do that. TeamADW has the equipment and decades of graphics experience to craft the best replacement gauges on the market, using only US made materials.  With our in house design team and Roland EcoJet UV printers, we can achieve true quality control for a custom product we can all be proud of.
(We reserve the right as artists and designers to respectfully decline any design request.)

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contact us for dealer or bulk order inquiries. 

     Want a full on custom piece that will blow away anything stock and show off your branding / sponsorships?  From mild to the absolutely wild, we can do that.

     No project is too crazy to take on, we are limited only by imagination, budgets, and the laws of physics. With our high quality in house UV printing capabilities, a custom OEM look is only a few clicks away. 

Our take on the Arctic edition gauges for the Jeep Wrangler, complete with custom in house designed and made foam packaging.

Our Jeep Wrangler (JK) "Outbreak" Zombie themed pattern in red blood

Project Realhawk 2.0, as seen at SEMA 2016. Updated with a fresh look, new 3D printed effects, and a Zeitronix integrated air fuel gauge.

Project RealHawk (original), custom designed layered piece for, with 4x4 engaged to reveal new lighting and branding

Day and night shots of our Rally lineup for the JK and JKU Wranglers in Orange. Note the orange tinted electronic display windows.



Q:Do I have to remove the needles?
A: Yes, in order to replace the stock gauge face on backlit sets, which block most of the light in the dash, the needles need to be removed. It is not an easy project, but not impossible either. See our video instructions on how to do it. For Pre-97 XJs and MJs, the needles are not removed.

Q: Are these stickers?
A: No, they are an engineered composite printed item, specially fit to your vehicle.

Q: Can I get a custom color or pattern?
A: Sure can. Email us with your design ideas.

Q: Are these just printed on paper?
A: They are printed on premium US made polymer, using premium UV inks in a mix of full CMYK, White, and Gloss.  

Q: Do they glow (electroluminescent)?
A: Not yet. We are working on that. However, they do catch more light than the stock gauges do, and are easier to see in low light situations.

Q: My Jeep has different warning lights.
A: Jeep had a great habit of changing gauges up sometimes mid year. If the example photos do not match your stock setup, email us and confirm before ordering. If you see that we have text for something instead of a photo, its merely a design choice, and does not effect the warning. 

Q: Do the lights still shine through?
A: Yes! We are the only gauge covers that work correctly with the original lighting. Most photos in our gallery show examples with stock bulbs. You can replace with LEDs at your discretion.

Q: What about another model Jeep or other vehicle?
A: In order to foster community efforts, and help take the cost of a new production piece down, we are willing to make your gauges free, if you can get us 10 additional pre-orders. Contact us for details, and we will setup a special product page. 

Q: Can I download and cut myself?
A: Not unless you have a lot of specialised equipment and want to franchise!

Q: Can my shop's designer work from a template?
A: Yes, we are happy to work with your graphics crew, and can set them up with a primer on how our process needs to be designed for. 

Q: I would like to feature ADW gauges in my shop, do you offer wholesaling?
A: Yes, contact us for more info.

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