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 Specialty vehicle parts and design. The name says it all. Our design works


  • Do you offer full clusters or just faces?
    While we do often find surplus OEM gauges for some models and sell them, our main gauge products are faces and customization services / parts.

  • Just Jeeps?
    We started in 2012 with Cherokee (XJ) gauges, and while we plan on offering more makes in the future, for now its only Jeep models. Keep looking though! I hear there might be Taco things coming…

  • I have a dealership / outfitter that wants our own lineup….
    We have worked with several shops to do a custom line for their jeeps. Drop us a line for pricing on custom large orders and exclusivity.

  • I live in a country with metric gauges, do you make those?
    We have shipped parts to 22 nations, and have some of our patterns available in metric, and are converting more every month.

  • What about YJ Wranglers?
    YJ gauges have age issues that prevent us from modding them correctly. Brittle plastic surrounds and delicate mechanical gauge motors make the disassembly for proper backlit modding almost impossible without breaking something. We are always on the lookout for a solution to this that will allow for a great look and ease of installation, so its not a solid no. If you have a suggestion to this, we are all ears and would love to enter this Jeep segment.

  • What about Grand Cherokees (ZJ / WJ)?
    The ZJ / WJ gauge market is one that we tried a few times to break into for a few years, but were never successful in securing interest. Until we have the staff to diversify into more lines and designs for older Jeeps, we will be on hold. If you have an outfitter that is interested that deals specifically with these, let us know.

  • Can you make a copy of AEV / Jeep special edition gauges?
    Out of respect we we politely decline these requests. We would be happy to do work with the permission of these companies to provide replacements for small run items, but will not copy or fake those. Check out our custom gauges and see if something matches the look you want, such as our Arctic Yeti style which was inspired by the Jeep factory Arctic Edition package.

  • I don’t see a particular style on your site?
    Growing pains keep some of our listings a bit jumbled. However, if you have seen a custom job online, it is something we can offer, but these most likely will have a custom fee included. We offer custom jobs in general a 1 week exclusivity minimum, so there is a time that the person that commissioned the order can claim to have the only example and show it off.

  • Can you do up a couple designs with (insert idea here) and I’ll pick one if I like it?
    Sorry, we only work on paid / commissioned designs, to keep it fair to our graphic artists, existing and past customers, and people waiting on our list.

  • Can you add sensor displays?
    We’ve added boost, air fuel ratio, and other displays to clusters before. One of our favorites to work with because of the look and form factor is Zada Tech, which featured in our 2019 Sema work with Max-Bilt Offroad and their Hellcat powered JKU, which needed a good OLED boost gauge to go with the supercharged motor. Let us know you needs when you contact us.

  • Will you re-make the JCR Ascender JDM style gauges?
    While we love how those gauges turned out, there is a lot of work cutting and lighting that setup to make the 6 o’clock needle positioning work. However, we did make a version that looks similar, but keeps the needle layout standard, and it is available for the 97+ TJ / XJ, as well as the JK. Look for it in our shop, we call it EuroSport.

  • What about the RealHawk gauges?
    The 1st Realhawk gauges were the first balls to the wall crazy custom job we did, with total freedom from JCR Offroad on how we laid them out. They feature a hawk outline that sits proud of the gauge layout that is wired to lightup and display the Jeep’s name when it is put into 4H. That first custom cluster features 40 custom laser cut pieces, and a lot of hard work. We may in the future do a set based on them, but are not planning on coping them 100%. A few years later for our first SEMA project, we re-made that setup with a similar layout, updated graphics, and a custom window for a internally mounted intellitronix air fuel ratio gauge to monitor the 4.6L Titan stroker motor. TL;DR - maybe, but not a copy.

  • Can you put a photo of my kids / dog in the gauge cluster?
    We havent found a way to do that particular graphic treatment to keep it looking good, while being readable and have it age well. Sorry!

  • I have a Star Wars themed Jeep, can you do a custom with the ___ logo on it?
    We dont provoke the mouse. However, check out our Rally series with the white background, or our Retro theme for the older XJs. That might be the look you are going for, without some of the logos.

  • How come the older Cherokee gauges are cheaper than other models?
    Since the older XJ gauges are side lit and have no windows or backlit trouble lights, they are much quicker to produce and take less time and materials to fabricate.


  • Do you have an installation video?
    XJ / MJ installs, check this youtube vid:
    TJ / YJ installs, check back. We currently need to rely on the community to assist with videos. If you are interested in this, contact us.

  • Do any of these work with a ZJ?
    We have had TJ linkages modified to work with a ZJ in the past (notably by Matt at BleepinJeep), but it is an involved modification and not one we recommend. We are looking into producing one that will meet the quality standards and price point of our other offerings.

  • What about a WJ?
    Our lower linkage plates can be used with WJ 231 conversions, while retaining the factory cable shifter. We do not have a dedicated option for that in our store, but if it is a mod you are working on, let us know.

  • Will your Xj linkage fit my Cherokee? It has ____ lift and ___…..?
    Our top selling XJ linkage has been installed on thousands of XJs around the world, from the first 1986 models with the V6, to the 2001 final versions. Most lift kits will not effect the setup, however some extra adjustment or tweaking may be necessary with aftermarket crossmembers that include a built in drop.

  • Will the XJ kit work with a transfer case drop?
    On a Cherokee, we have seen our kits used with 1” drops and more. A tcase drop typically means that the crossmember that contains the transmission mount is lowered with spacers, and this moves the case down further than the transmission since it hangs off the end. If your motor mounts and trans mount are not in good condition, the drop amount can exceed the limits of the ideal geometry for our kit. We do have the option to purchase longer rods from our TJ kit if you want to tackle this setup. In our experience as XJ owners, we dont usually recommend these drops due to the issues they can create as parts wear and the drivetrain moves.

  • I have a 242 Select Trac transfer case, will this kit work?
    We have lots of XJs in the wild with our kit installed with a 242. If you have one of these, and a transfer case drop, you may need to extend your upper lever. For those with the ability to do so, this could mean welding, or an easier route would be to buy one of our spare part upper link plates and chain them together in your install. These are now available in our store.

  • Will the XJ kit work with my Comanche?
    The drivetrain is nearly identical to that of the Cherokee. The fitment is the same.

  • Will this kit work with a tummy tuck or clocked transfer case?
    Typically, no, sorry.

  • Will this work with a 2 Low or TeraLow kit?
    Reports from XJ customers tell us yes, we have not tested it. Most TJ setup will not have enough throw for low gear conversions, although this could be altered by cutting the floor shift gate.

  • Will the TJ kit work with my Rubicon?
    The setup of the 241 transfercase used in most of the Rubicon editions has a differnt angle setup, and will not run correctly through the range. We have seen one kit that was modified for use with a 241 case in a Cherokee swap, it required a bit of cutting to get it all going. Contact us for photos of that.

  • I installed the XJ kit and the plates are too close!
    Some XJs, usually those with 5 speed manuals use a TJ shift lever. Version 7 of our linkage kit includes geometry to handle this, see this video on how to simply mod the upper plate.

  • I installed the TJ kit and the plates are too close!
    See the above modification for the XJ kit. We also suggest using an externally threaded rod end (mcmaster part number 6072K13). This will unfortunately loose the turnbuckle adjustment but will drop the length up to 2” shorter.

  • What size is the adjustment rod, I lost mine and want to get the right size at the store?
    Our center adjustment rods are specialty made in California, from US stainless steel, rolled for strength. They are a 3/8 thread, and you can find replacements here in our store.

  • I hear a rattle at idle coming from my 4x4 lever, is this normal?
    If there is any vibration in the drivetrain, since we do not use a plastic or rubber bushing, some vibrations might transmit better. Chock the tires, put the tcase in “N” and check your driveshafts and u-joints, just to be sure, if you have already made sure your linkage is tight.

  • My TJ or YJ needs a bit more throw to get to 4L.
    Most customers that said they needed a bit more lever travel to get into 4L reliably have modified their floor gate to extend how much the lever can move. (picture here)

Other Stuff

  • Do you still make ___ sticker?
    We occasionally do runs of funny stickers we draw up, and when they are gone, they are gone. Maybe one of these days we will make an anniversary pack.

  • I placed an order an hour ago and it hasn’t shipped yet!
    While we do try and get things out the door quickly, we are a growing company and need to take time to address everyone and work on products. If the order comes in before noon, we try to have it out that business day (in stock hard parts), or in the case of on demand (low run) gauge kits, with in a few days. If you have a deadline to meet for a design project, let us know ahead of time and we can see what we can do. Many of our products are now on Amazon for Prime shipping, if you need it OMG fast. If you see something listed as “backorder”, check the store description for an estimated ship date. If it is a pre-order, the date we plan on producing (or canceling if we don’t meet pattern thresholds) will be listed for each variation.

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